Gal Agadi

Gal Agadi, 34, lives in Tel Aviv, Israel. Gal and his wife set up their physical products brand and have been successfully selling on Amazon for the past 4 years, making multi million dollars on Amazon. This business provides them the freedom to travel and spend lots of time with their 2 boys.

Gal is an avid learner of self-development and growth, read 100+ books on the topics and took part in the top self and business growth conferences in the world including Tony Robbins’ Date with Destiny and Business Mastery.
Gal is a certified NLP master & trainer and a mentor for businesses and entrepreneurs.
In the past 5 years Gal spent his time between running with his wife their physical products business and working at Google assisting start-ups succeed using Google products and technologies. Gal founded and led the Google Accelerator for Startups in Israel.

This position provided him the opportunity to help shape the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Israel with values of growth, innovation and giving back.

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