Gary Elphick

Gary is founder and CEO of, a platform that allows businesses and customers to design their own sports equipment and manufactures them on demand. DisruptSports is the Optus Australian Start-Up of the year and Australia’s New Online Retailer of the year.

DisruptSports hold a number of industry firsts and word records including the introduction of free Shark Deterrent designs for surfboards, braile yoga mats the sent the words first surfboard into space and have pioneered the use of VR in customisation in retail.

Gary is the Optus Australian Young Entrepreneur of the year, top specialist marketing under 30 by B&T magazine and a ‘top person to watch in eCommerce. In his spare time Gary is Catalyst in residence at two universities & can be found on the beaches of Sydney talking tech with anyone that will listen. He has a very real phobia of cotton wool.

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