Gary Nealon

Gary Nealon is based in the US, and the President of Nealon Solutions. His company offers strategic marketing consulting services designed to help his clients scale their eCommerce business, increase revenues, and maximize profits. His strengths in strategic planning, SEO, and social media have helped him to build two multimillion-dollar companies in two completely different niches.

Gary is a business giant in the e-commerce and marketing world who will deliver an impactful keynote session on the Summit stage.

Gary’s internet-marketing business acumen is evident in the explosive growth of his company RTA Cabinet Store. To grow RTA Cabinet store to $40M+ in revenue, Gary crafted creative marketing strategies for the website that combine marketplace diversification, sales, marketing, design, and fulfilment. While others thought that selling kitchens online was impossible, Gary not only created a platform that did this successfully well, he grew RTA Cabinet Store into a multi-million dollar business on his online platform before eventually leveraging platforms such as Amazon for driving traffic back to his site (a unique strategy that most companies don’t leverage). His strategy allowed him to diversify their traffic sources so that no one single platform was more than 18% of their business.

Through his leadership and expertise in social platforms, creative marketing, and PR strategies, RTA Cabinet Store grew its brand and reputation through outreach vehicles such as HGTV and the DIY Network. Partnerships such as these have allowed RTA Cabinet Store to leverage its buyer list, tap into other companies’ buyer lists, and share marketing resources.

The phenomenal growth of Gary’s business has resulted in RTA Cabinet Store being named one of the top 500 fastest-growing companies in the country seven times, Philly 100 fastest growing companies six times, and he was selected to the Smart CEO Future 50 list five times in a row. His intelligence, focus, and commitment to excellence creates a recipe for continued growth and success. His knowledge, passion, and proficiencies in e-commerce growth shine through in his marketing consulting services.

In addition to Nealon Solutions, Gary is the President of Usawa, a digital currency, designed to help make an impact on poverty in underdeveloped and developing countries. He is also the author of Notes to a Young Entrepreneur.

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