Helen Parker

Helen Parker has worked in Online Selling and goods trading for over 8 years and in eCommerce for over 16 years. She started her career in big media companies such as Trinity Mirror and Yellow Pages. She has worked in America, the UK, and over 8 other European countries. She has managed multi-disciplinary teams located across different countries, integrating cultural and operational differences.
Helen then moved into starting, managing and growing business within the world of goods trading – dealing with huge retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers and auction houses all the way down the supply chain to medium sized enterprises and small or part time traders. She now owns and manages 5 websites within this space.
Helen runs The Wholesale Community with the goal to help provide up-to-date, easy to read, non-jargoned advice and tools to help companies grow both their revenues and their profit margins when selling online.

  • Company:The Wholesale Community
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