Jesse Wragg

Originally from Wiltshire, England, I am now based in Leipzig, Germany. I started my professional career at the age of 18 in the busy but exciting Australian real estate market in Canberra. I was able to quickly develop my sales skills under the wings of some of the top estate agents in the country and was fortunate enough to be trusted with the sales of homes up to $4m. This meant I had to quickly learn how to go from being the kid who grew up in a village pub, to the one who can sell homes to/for public servants, lawyers, accountants and other professionals in the capital. This gave me the foundations of a sales methodology built around trust and expertise. In my time as an estate agent, more than 90% of my business came from referrals or repeat business.

I entered the eCommerce industry when I landed in Germany and after a few years working at the agency level, helping online retailers to expand internationally via marketplaces such as OTTO, Walmart, Real & Allegro, I founded eCommeleon in 2019 as a SaaS solution with my (then) boss, Eduard Gerritsen. I consider myself to be extremely fortunate to have a business partner with such an in-depth, practical knowledge of marketplaces. Having worked with other marketplace technologies since 2007, he has brought an unprecedented knowhow into our company, the foundations of which are building an eCommerce solution which will build the brands of tomorrow in a sustainable, scalable fashion.

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