Jonny Bradley

Known by many as the Number #1 Amazon FBA Mentor in the UK and founder of the SellerPro™ Academy, Jonny has helped thousands of entrepreneurs learn, start and run their own Private/White Label business using the immense power of Amazon to fulfil not just their orders but their dreams too. With hundreds of tutorials freely available online, Jonny amassed a substantial following very quickly. His followers know that he creates the highest value content with a ‘no fluff’ approach that everyone can understand and take action on.
Early 2019 Jonny created a unique system called, ‘The One Product Strategy,’ the foundation of which is about creating the complete solution and an irresistible product offer that customers cannot refuse. This same system has generated hundreds of thousands of pounds in revenue for his members and Jonny is looking forward to sharing these secrets at the White Label World Expo.

  • Company:SellerPro Academy
  • Short Bio:Founder
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