Justin Coats

As a CEO & Founder, Justin Coats has an innate drive to help business owners succeed. He has had the unique opportunity of experiencing multiple aspects of selling on Amazon that have provided a valuable perspective for advising businesses of all sizes to become successful, both on and off Amazon. Justin values his relationship with business owners and utilizes his understanding of the ever-evolving Amazon platform to find the right strategy for their success. Justin’s business career prior to Volitant Consulting was extensive; he founded a parent-centric Esports organization, contracted as a professional drone pilot, flew as a commercially rated helicopter pilot, served 5 years in the Marine Corps, and had years of experience in the retail industry. Justin is a very driven and success oriented person who cares about his people, relationships, and helping everyone be better every day.

  • Company:Volitant Consulting
  • Short Bio:CEO & Founder
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