Lori Barzvi

The night before 9/11, Lori Barzvi’s brother, Guy, who was 29 years old and making a six-figure salary at Cantor Fitzgerald in the WTC, told her he was unhappy with his job. Working sixteen-hour days, including a brutally long commute, he had no life/work balance and expressed his desire to do something more entrepreneurial. The next day, Guy was killed.

The tragic loss of her beloved brother would set the trajectory for Lori’s future career. She went from corporate America to having a restaurant business which failed then a dance studio that failed. Lori then created her own product which failed many times, until she found Amazon where it became a #1 best seller. Lori’s success on Amazon is a true testament to the lesson her brother’s untimely and tragic death taught her about the importance of loving what you do for a living and never giving up

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