Marie Decker

Marie Decker is the General Manager at SOS Global, an outsourcing solutions provider based in Clark, Philippines. Specialising in e-commerce support, SOS Global provide e-commerce ready consultants to help you grow your business.

With a background in e-commerce, eBay, SEO and online marketing, Marie is passionate about sharing her experiences in outsourcing and enlightening others how to take the leap. Having built an eBay store from conception to 7 figures in less than 18 months, Marie realised the importance of divesting the back end work, allowing her to focus on growth, strategy and planning. With the help of her mentors, Marie established SOS Global and is committed to helping others achieve similar results.

Often referred to by her clients as the “Chief Rescuer”, Marie is dedicated to “saving” small to medium online retailers and eBay sellers from those tasks that prevent you from working on your business rather than in it.

When not rescuing time poor online retailers, Marie stays fit by participating in local triathlons and enjoys renovating for profit.

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