Mark Griffith

Mark Griffith has over 20 years experience in building internet businesses. He was there at the birth of the World Wide Web. (Anyone remember Mosiac?) He built one of the first .com online ordering websites in 1996 and moved to San Francisco in 1998 to work for the startup WebLogic that became a core technology enabler of the .com rush. In 2004, Mark moved to Seattle with BEA (that acquired WebLogic) and started with Amazon in 2005.

At Amazon, Mark was a founding member of the team that built the Fulfillment By Amazon program. Mark helped the first merchant load the first items (books) into boxes and ship to Amazon warehouses. Mark had the opportunity to scale FBA and launch in many categories and countries over the course of 9 years, occupying many roles and even living in China. In 2015 FBA shipped 1 billion units.

In 2014, Mark moved to run engineering for Amazon Pay and loves the chance to help build another business that delivers great value to customers and merchants.

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