Matthew Merrilees

As Managing Director of Global-e, Matthew Merrilees is responsible for all aspects of the country’s International e-commerce business. He travels often to meet and learn from his team members and employees around the country, giving his time and attention to ensure everyone understands the critical role they play and value they bring to delivering best-in-class service to their customers – locally and internationally.

As the former FedEx CrossBorder Managing Director of Sales, Matthew led the global commercial sales organization with direct responsibility over FedEx CrossBorder worldwide sales revenue. He was responsible for the customer experience from end to end. His other key responsibilities included driving sales revenue growth, retention and profitability within the FedEx CrossBorder segment.

In August 2015, Merrilees joined FedEx with 11 years of logistics industry experience in various commercial sales leadership positions. He has a strong background in sales management, a wealth of e-commerce sales experience and a passion for the industry.

Merrilees holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Fairfield University and is based in northern New Jersey.

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