Matthew Mosse-Robinson

Matthew Mosse-Robinson is a Formula One fan who jointly manages Foresight Online Group, in that order.

As a power player in the cutthroat world of corporate banking, Matthew knew he wanted more – more time with his family, a more purposeful career and the ability to be his own boss. Before joining Foresight Online Group in 2013, Matthew conducted extensive research into the online wedding industry. He saw the viability and potential of his sister-in-law Melissa’s online enterprise and made the leap to jointly run the company, relocating his young family to the NSW Central Coast in the process.

Matthew’s technical prowess and ability to embrace new technologies has taken Foresight Online Group from strength to strength. His first major project, overseeing the development of a new company website incorporating the latest e-commerce software, saw sales figures double.

Together Matthew and Melissa have taken the business from a backyard operation into a multimillion dollar international enterprise, operating throughout Australasia and the US.

The group currently incorporates six successful e-commerce businesses, employs 20 staff and dispatches more than 2500 orders across Australia, Asia-Pacific and the US every month.

Matthew has a passion for offering customers the best possible purchase experience by continually embracing technical innovations and is dedicated to maintaining a fun and functional team environment.

Matthew holds a degree in Economics (Hons Finance) from the University of Sydney and his ultimate claim to fame was being named NSW Endurance Go-Karting Champion.

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