Michael Devlin

Michael Devlin is a startup 100 award winning digital marketer who continually breaks down barriers to demonstrate that you do not need huge budgets to be successful in eCommerce.

Michael has over a decade of experience having personally built and sold multiple seven figure e-commerce stores and generated over £5M in sales in the UK and currently generating over $42M for his students throughout the world.

Recently Michael sold the intellectual property rights and patents for his Core 150 product in a deal reported to be 7 figures. What originally started off as a £12.99 Amazon product quickly turned into a phenomenal commercial success and a hugely recognisable brand with a loyal global fan base. He sold just under half a million units inside 36 months across 28 countries.

  • Company:LaunchPros.com
  • Short Bio:Award Winning Digital Marketer & Brand Builder
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