Michael Fleming

Mike is the founder of Michael J Fleming & Associates (dba Sales Tax and More). Prior to beginning this new venture, Mike spent the better part of a decade as a Director with Peisner Johnson, an accounting firm that is focused entirely on solving state and local tax issues. Mike’s state tax knowledge is well rounded, but he is one of the country’s leading authorities when it comes to eCommerce, nexus, service providers, and drop shipping.

Over the years Mike, has literally assisted thousands of FBA and other eCommerce sellers. Mike is often quoted by the press on these topics and is a frequently requested speaker sometimes presenting at 2-3 live webinars a week. Mike travels across the country to speak at some of the industry’s biggest events and is also a prolific writer having authored an untold number of industry white papers, articles and blog posts. Mike was born in New York City where he began his career on Wall Street.

He moved to Dallas in 1989, where he met his wife Dorinda. They now live about 30 miles east of Dallas in Heath, Texas where they are affectionately known as Heathens.

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