Nadene Shearstone

Nadene Shearstone is co-host of the successful weekly YouTube show Thrifty Business with Jay and Nay with her good friend Jason T. Smith, which celebrated its one-year anniversary in June, 2016. She also is a lifeguard (admin) who helps run the Facebook group The Thrifting Board, which currently has over 12,000 members and is growing. Nadene holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, and has a passion for art. She has worked full-time as a graphic designer for years, but recently transitioned to becoming a full-time online seller on eBay. She has held a lifetime passion for thrifting, and thrifts and sells a variety of items, but is very knowledgeable of and especially loves finding and selling women’s fashion items. Nadene also juggles being a mom to three adorable little boys, and fighting breast cancer. She is passionate about not only fighting her own cancer, but also for fighting breast cancer for other women, and raising breast cancer charity funds and speaking out to raise awareness.

  • Company:Youtube Show "Thrifty Business"
  • Short Bio: Co-Host
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