Peggy Smith

Peggy and Regan have been together for 66 years (met in 1954 when Peggy was 11 and Regan was 12). They are celebrating 56 years of marriage. Peggy has been a thrifter since she was a teenager and passed that passion on to her son Jason T. Smith. In 2011 Peggy and Regan started selling on eBay and in 2017 started the Ohio Area eBay Sellers Meet-Up Group on Facebook ( ). You can also see Peggy on Youtube with Jason in their weekly show “Selling Past Your Expiration Date Being Thrifty Over 50” ( she shows her great purchases and sales. Peggy & Regan are not afraid to ship anything – from small delicate items to large clunky items like lawn chairs and water skiis. They love to thrift together and work together on all aspects selling on eBay.

  • Company:Over 50 Thrifters
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