Redmond Garmony

When international corporate lawyer and businesswoman of 25 years Redmond decided to market a popular-in-the-west, but unknown-in-China widget, little did she know the hurdles she would face!

Redmond is a woman used to getting things done:  large scale engineering projects, international financing, negotiation of deals between warring parties.  But China is a whole different ballgame of cultural differences, logistical issues, and a radically different online and offline market landscape. Many people think of China as an unsophisticated homogeneous market, waiting for ‘us’ to show ‘them’ the way… but ‘we’ in fact have a lot to learn from ‘them’.  Even veteran business people need to educate themselves thoroughly before taking the plunge into selling in this fascinating and difficult country.

Redmond will lead you through the pros and cons of various business models suited to China, including the importance of understanding your customer to ensure you have the optimal product match.

  • Company:Wonderful Month Health Products
  • Short Bio:Founder
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