Ryan Mulvany

My name is Ryan.
I’m an Amazonoholic.
Everyone has vices.
Mine is selling.

Used books were the gateway.
Acquisition was the exit.

It started with used books. Then new books. Then toys. And games. And foods. And soaps. And beauty products. And tech. And yes, even Justin Bieber pillow cases at one point.

My addiction spawned a business (Quiverr). My business spawned brands. Our brands paved an educational foundation which we could build and deploy Amazon Strategies for even bigger brands.

We got bigger. And bigger. From 2014-2016, we were San Diego’s 3rd fastest growing company. Amazon awarded our firm with a Platinum Seller Status. And In 2017, Quiverr was wholly acquired by one of the world’s largest CPG brokers, Advantage Sales and Marketing.

Now Quiverr focuses on providing Amazon solutions for the top recognized CPG Organizations and their assets.

I’m still addicted. More so you might say.

Bezos keeps saying it’s only day one.

So I’m not quitting anytime soon.

  • Company:Quiverr
  • Short Bio:Founder & Partner
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