Sam E. Cohen

Sam E. Cohen, a 20 year veteran of eCommerce resides in New Jersey with his wife and four children. Sam began his successful Amazon run in March 2011, later shifting his business to 100 percent FBA in October 2011. In under four years Sam has grown his business to become one of the top 1% of all third party sellers on Amazon. The company now proudly has 20-30 employees depending on business needs while simultaneously owning and operating multiple Amazon accounts- with written permission from Amazon.

A personal invitation to visit the Amazon headquarters in Seattle highlighted Sam’s hard work and dedication.  Amazon reviewed the business goals and concerns and further helped Cohen master his trade. This critical turning point fueled Sam’s drive for success and he was handpicked to be featured in The Wall Street Journal’s article regarding Arbitrage and Amazon third party sellers. National Public Radio also reached out and spoke with Sam to work on a day in the life piece. Sam knew he could help others learn from his experience. Thus Amazon Consulting Experts was born — ACE: An exclusive custom tailored consulting, mentoring, & training program.

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