Schrone Hardeman

Schrone (Shron) Hardeman, is a Cryptologic Chief Petty Officer retired from the United States Navy after 22 years of Honorable Service. He is also a husband and family man of three daughters whom he transferred his college benefits to secure their future education. Preparing to leave the security of a constant and dependent salary, his first thought was to attain a low stress, low impact job as either a Walmart greeter or GameStop manager. Luckily, he found an Amazon FBA mentor before leaving the Navy and decided to let fear of failing and not being able to financially support his family drive him to become an Amazon FBA seller. Three years later Schrone is an established business owner who surpassed the $1M mark in gross sales! His extensive knowledge over the years has established himself as an FBA consultant specializing in product discovery and has over 200 clients.

  • Company:Comfy Mom Products
  • Short Bio:Owner
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