Sonia Tilley

Sonia Tilley is co-founder of Auspresso Pty Ltd and Austeam Appliances.  Both businesses originally traded through Home Shows and Trade Shows, however in 2002 Sonia established their online presence through eBay and websites.   By 2009 it was time for the businesses to leave home and into premises that included a showroom, warehouse and workshop. The focus of the business shifted from steam appliances to coffee equipment and products.  Now Auspresso can proudly claim to be a one stop shop for all things coffee related. Consequently, the business has moved twice to bigger premises and is currently located in North Parramatta with 7 employees.

As a long time eBay seller and educator, Sonia saw the need for an online forum separate from the eBay forums, so she established the Facebook group: eBay Sellers Australia.  With more than 1,800 members the group is very active and a great source of information on service providers, best practices for eBay and selling online.  With the help of 3 other members Sonia continues to administrate the group.

In 2015 Sonia set up the Parramatta eBay & Ecommerce Meetup which meet at the premises of Auspresso, along with a number of other business related groups.

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