Tim Mark

Tim is an experienced CPG veteran with a specialty in health and beauty. Tim spent time in both traditional and digital marketing roles, as well as sales management and analysis of Amazon, Costco, and Walmart. He began his career with L’Oréal Canada working under its flagship brand of L’Oréal Paris. In this role he learned how traditional marketing would evolve into digital, as well as the evolution of the omni-channel shopper. • He later joined Revlon Canada in a sales management and new business development role, where he learned valuable skills in trade marketing. He went on to lead the launch of Revlon’s full portfolio of hundreds of SKUs on Amazon, as well as rekindled sales opportunities within their Costco channel. Tim was promoted to Revlon Canada’s Digital Experience Manager where he acted as the Canadian representative with Revlon’s global team. • Tim joined Active Wow in May of 2018 to provide a perfect complement of marketing, sales, and corporate management experience to the team. With exceptional abilities to analyze data, he has helped to continually optimize the performance of our campaigns with Amazon Marketing Group (AMG), as well as make deep and insightful suggestions on new growth opportunities within Amazon’s diverse ecosystem of advertising modules.

  • Company:Active Wow
  • Short Bio:CMO
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