Timothy Dwyer

Timothy Dwyer is the founder and CEO of Limepay. Tim embraces disruptive ideas by instilling a customer by design approach to payments and culture, giving brands a greater share of the future.
Throughout his career he has lead the architectural design for some of the worlds largest retail brands. After several years he moved into flagship projects with Hilton and Formula 1 to drive an approach to transform customer experiences.
Timothy moved from the physical into digital to improve how we experience payments, and was a part of a successful global payments company selling to Ant financial in 2019 for $700 million. Tim is now excited to launch the most disruptive endeavour yet called Limepay, partnering with some of the greatest minds, brands and teams to radically change the ever growing By now pay later sector in a fresh, Brand first approach.

  • Company:Limepay
  • Short Bio:Founder & CEO
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