Wayne Shelley

Back in 2002, Wayne and his wife literally fell into online retail. Fetching $100 out of an ATM at 6am Saturday mornings and running around garage sales until Noon, junk listed on eBay turned $100 into $500 every week due to Wayne’s quirky marketing driven approach. The beer budget was sorted!

Lately, Wayne has become a full time “employee” in his wife’s “fluffy toy” business, Stuffed With Plush Toys, driving the business to 30% growth for 3 years in a row and on target to hit 40% this financial year. The business, with close to 2000 SKU’s, was for many years run from home. Wayne understands niche markets, how to drive SEO, increasing targeted customer numbers, boosting website conversion rates, divesting risk by selling multi-channel, expanding internationally, systems automation and…. he knows how to fluff the toys just right so buyers don’t leave defects, or bad reviews.

Wayne is just like most of you. He is taking business “to the next level”, and he is happy to share the resources, the knowledge and the tools he uses, to grow his business rapidly in niche markets.
Wayne is the founder of the Facebook forum “The NETO E-Commerce Users Group” and is a moderator on “Amazon Sellers Australia”.

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