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ASD week is one of the hottest opportunities to find NEW Private Label product opportunities and lean, because of the HUGE TRADESHOW and MULTIPLE NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES! However, not everyone is able to really capitalize on the opportunities because they don’t know how… After extensive trial and error through our own sales AND helping hundreds of other clients, we have identified a few COLD HARD FACTS about ASD and the opportunities there!

We have developed a process and a system to IDENTIFY NEW PRODUCTS IDEAS and UPCOMING NICHES! And knowing THAT is one major reason why we attend ASD, and in turn is why YOU should also attend ASD!

Every year, TONS of e-com sellers go to ASD and leave frustrated… WHY? Because they didn’t have a good plan, method, or mentorship on HOW to attack the market! With our workshop, we can CHANGE THAT BY SHOWING YOU HOW!!

What is ASD?

  • ASD is the largest and most varied consumer tradeshow in the USA
  • ASD draws TENS OF THOUSANDS of suppliers, vendors, and sellers into one place
  • ASD is a MASSIVE tradeshow, more than filling the entire Las Vegas Convention Center with ideas, suppliers, and OPPORTUNITIES TO BUILD YOUR PRIVATE LABEL BUSINESS!
  • ASD is a TERRIBLE PLACE to gain wholesale accounts (too saturated with sellers),
  • ASD is a TREMENDOUS PLACE to get product ideas, identify niche markets, and build your business massively (if you have the right approach and training)
  • ASD is where YOU need to be in July, and let our team help you make it a GREAT investment in time and energy for YOUR business!

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Tim Jordan

  • Hickory Flats & Private Label Legion
  • CEO & Founder


Las Vegas, NV
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