Event description

In San Diego on March the 1st – 5th a secret group of some the biggest names in
ecommerce will be meeting in secret.

What I learned after going to over 18 events across 12 countries in less than 24months, is that it’s at closed door, invitation only events where the REAL strategies that can 10x your business get shared.

Gaining a competitive advantage is everything in the Marketplace. The price for those who catch on late can be fatal!

Bitcoin was once under $20. If you had invested $10,000 back then, you would have made over $5,000,000 from your investment, as of today. That’s a 50000% ROI and would have provided an amazing foundation.

But, if you procrastinated and jumped in late and invested $19,000 on December 18 2017 less than one month later as of January 17th (updated), you would have lost $8,000!

Failing to act in the face of opportunity can be a cruel lesson.

With innovation within the market at an all time high, a record number of Ecom businesses are being bought, sold, and going out of business. All the while Amazon.com and Chinese suppliers are taking measures to gain a piece of our market.

For our group however, we continue to be 10 steps ahead of them.


The Westgate Hotel San Diego
1055 2nd Ave,
San Diego (CA 92101)
United States of America
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