Advanced Amazon AMS & PPC Workshop

During this workshop Sean Smith and Taylor Benterud will be sharing the Amazon PPC and AMS tactics their companies use to manage 7 and 8 figure Amazon businesses.

The goal of this workshop is for advanced Amazon sellers to understand how to use Amazon PPC and AMS data to understand their market and make inventory decisions.

A laptop is required since we’ll be creating and optimizing your Amazon PPC & AMS campaigns during the workshop. Additionally, access of Excel and / or Google Sheets is necessary as well.

Sean is going to cover how to formulaically decrease Amazon PPC ACoS without decimating sales into oblivion. This will ensure you maintain cash flow as you scale and deal with the volatility of seasonality.

He will uncover how to find new keywords as well as advanced methods to calculate the starting bids.

Implementation of his methods mean nothing without measuring the effects of these changes. Sean will also bust out how he measures PPC data at the SKU level and implements metrics like AOV (average order value) which are not supplied by Amazon.

Finally, Sean will cover proper campaign setup and how to use nomenclature to scale PPC.

Taylor will be going over how you can set up your AMS campaigns to immediately start generating you sales at a profitable ACOS, he’ll go over a secret tactic on how to setup a Super URL in your Headline ad that will boost your organic rank for the desired keyword you want, and he’ll be going over the best way possible to segment your keywords and setup your headline ad landing pages for success.

Attendees should be fully prepared to have fun and get some work done.


  • Laptop
  • Amazon Search Terms report
  • Amazon Campaign Performance report
  • Product profit margins
  • Microsoft Excel and/or Google Sheets