Advanced Amazon Selling: How To Use The Amazon Leadership Principles To Create A Winning Approach

Advanced Amazon Selling:  How to Use the Amazon Leadership Principles to Create a Winning Approach to Selling with the World’s Most Valuable Brand

Kantar Research recently called out Amazon as the World’s Most Valuable Global Retailer.  Stealing share and winning on this ever-important global marketplace requires not just a good business plan or a strong set of products, but also a marketplace mindset. The top brands and marketplace sellers understand Amazon’s leadership principles and use them as a foundation for interacting both with Amazon and their customers.  During this session we’ll cover what the principles are and what it means to leverage them to organize and grow your business online.


Eric Heller has been working online retail since joining in January, 1999. During that time, he has managed critical online marketing programs for, Redfin, Expedia and now leads the largest strategy consultancy for brands and sellers working with online marketplaces like Amazon.  His company, Marketplace Ignition, has over 140 years of combined in-house Amazon experience and has helped more than 400 brands manage their Amazon/Marketplace presence.

Eric Heller