Amazon Masterclass: Advanced Techniques For The Power Seller And Brand On Amazon

Amazon’s influence as the world’s largest and most influential eCommerce sales and branding platform is second to none.  This advanced strategy and techniques workshop will start with a broad overview of where Amazon is winning and where there going next.  We’ll then focus on how to be part of that growth and steal market share at every level using the same strategies that the largest brands and fastest growing sellers on the platform are using.  Participants will walk away with a strong understanding of how to build a winning long term growth strategy and accelerate Amazon sales over the long term. Sessions will cover:

  1. Amazon Overview and Global Trends – As Amazon expands globally (including in Australia) understanding their underlying foundation for growth becomes ever more important.  We’ll connect on that and use it as a base for the day’s explorations.
  2. Best Practices Everyone Must Know – Understanding what it takes to own marketshare on Amazon is just the beginning.
  3. Retail or 3P (Or both?):  Here’s what you need to know – What is the best way for each retailer to work with Amazon as part of their Amazon Strategy?  (3rd Party, 1st Party or Both)
  4. Small or Big, Advance Tactics to Steal Share – Why 3rd Party Sellers can beat big brands and sell more on Amazon.
  5. Amazon Cross Border Trade – Tactics sellers can use to launch a global brand on Amazon.
  6. Natural Search on Amazon – How to Win – Amazon is the largest shopping website in the US, why you need to optimize for Amazon to drive more traffic to your brand.

Host: Eric Heller has been working online retail since joining in January, 1999. During that time, he has managed critical online marketing programs for, Redfin, Expedia and now leads the largest strategy consultancy for brands and sellers working with online marketplaces like Amazon.  His company, Marketplace Ignition, has over 140 years of combined in-house Amazon experience and has helped more than 400 brands manage their Amazon/Marketplace presence.

Eric Heller