Amazon or Ebay – Which Marketplace Should I Trade on?

Amazon is bigger and has more customers, but eBay packs some surprising punches too. In this highly informative session, Online Retail Strategist at ZELLIS Tim Davies compares and contrasts the 2 biggest global marketplaces to help you work out which one to trade on, or whether you should be trading on both. There are some dramatic differences between eBay and Amazon that you might not know. As Neto’s exclusive Marketplace Integration Partner, Tim is in a unique position to explain the differences at a practical level.

Learn the winning strategies in both marketplaces (they’re very different), and unlock the pathway to success for your own business. Just being in a marketplace is not enough. Unless your products can be found, you won’t sell anything. Both marketplaces penalise sellers with poor performance and demote listings they believe will not convert well. This practical and information-packed session will help you work out precisely what you need to do to win. Come ready to take notes!

Tim Davies