Amazon PPC – The Science Lab of Your Amazon Business

-Optimise (and profit) for the best Ad Position that you can implement without third party tools.
-Use Amazon’s PPC algorithm flaws to your advantage with Stopping and Stemming.
-Reduce the complexity of larger SKU sets with negating – using Product Groups, Properties and Expansions
-Funnel impressions to the most relevant SKU’s
-Reduce Match Types for easier data management (cut campaign sizes by 50% or more)
-Save money on Aggressive Auto Campaigns (and maximise Time Windows)
-Reduce cannibalisation across SKU sets on the same search terms (more sales)
-Using a different calculation (other than ACoS) on super competitive niches

He will be showing a Case Study on a 7 figure brand in a super competitive niche. How we doubled sales whilst maintaining ACoS in a cut throat marketplace.