Amazon Search Advertising Isn’t Enough: Why Brands MUST Drive Outside Traffic to Their Detail Pages

Selling on Amazon has become more and more competitive ever since Amazon launched paid search advertising. For brands to succeed today they must have multiple “levers” to pull in order to drive sales. One of those levers must include the ability to drive outside Amazon traffic to detail pages. Peter’s presentation, which is aimed at DTC brands that have stand alone eCommerce and social media or current born-on-Amazon brands looking to expand their Amazon sales strategy to include social media and stand-alone eCommerce, will learn why driving outside traffic is so important, the benefits of specific traffic sources like Instagram, Facebook or product placements and how to launch an outside Amazon traffic strategy. Peter will review the current Amazon landscape and why outside traffic is so important, along with examining case studies and step-by-step guidance for what brands need to do to create their own outside Amazon traffic strategy.