Peter Kearns

I have been working with sellers on Amazon for more than 10 years. My first three-and-a-half years were spent as a member of the Seller Services team where I oversaw the Consumables team along with spending time on Strategic FBA. Since leaving Amazon, I have worked closely with hundreds of brands and sellers helping them successfully navigate the 1P/3P landscape.

I have worked with Amazon service providers like Feedvisor and Blue Wheel Media. I created my own consulting agency that focused on seller strategy and advocacy. My agency was acquired by 180Commerce, a full-service Amazon brand management agency, that was acquired by I was a seller for nearly five years and I was a member of the Prosper Show advisory council where I helped create the content and show agenda. I have also served as an advisor to marketplace services/tool providers and C-Level executives.

I care deeply for the seller community and I’m excited to continue to invent, solve, and advocate on behalf of sellers.

  • Company:Amazon
  • Short Bio:Senior Manager, Seller Relations
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