Amazon Workshop – Tips And Tricks To Accelerate Your Amazon Sales

Timing is everything.  As we go into Q4, this action packed workshop will both give you the inside tricks that big companies are using to drive sales on Amazon and ensure you have the latest tactics for Q4 performance.  Participants will walk away with actionable advice on how to grow their business and accelerate Amazon sales both in Q4 and over the long term. Sessions will cover:

  • Amazon Overview and Global Trends – As Amazon goes global sellers will face new threats, what are these threats and how do you plan your business around them.
  • Best Practices Everyone Must Know – Understanding what it takes to own marketshare on Amazon is just the beginning.
  • Retail or 3P (Or both?):Here’s what you need to know – Why 3rd Party Marketplace sellers should consider Vendor Express or Vendor Central as part of their Amazon Strategy.
  • Small or Big, Advance Tactics to Steal Share – Why 3rd Party Sellers can beat big brands and sell more on Amazon.
  • Amazon Cross Border Trade – Tactics sellers can use to launch a global brand on Amazon.
  • Natural Search on Amazon – How to Win – Amazon is the largest shopping website in the US, why you need to optimize for Amazon to drive more traffic to your brand.
  • 4th and Inches – Tips and Tactics to increase 4th quarter sales, decrease costs and drive more profit.  It’s not too late to optimize for the Holiday rush

Hosts: Eric Heller has been working online retail since joining in January, 1999. During that time, he has managed critical online marketing programs for, Redfin, Expedia and FootSmart. He has also had the opportunity to work with thousands of participants in the Online Retail industry both at Amazon as a category manager for CE and Sports & Outdoors as well as in various board positions including being the first merchant representative elected to the Performance Marketing Association’s Board of Directors. Eric founded Marketplace Ignition.   Jeff Cohen has been working in online retail since being the General Manager and Founding team member for in 2005.  In 2013, Jeff worked with the Founders of Seller Labs to pivot a multi-million dollar Amazon 3rd Party Seller business into one of the largest Amazon 3rd Party Software providers.  Today Seller Labs works with over 10,000 Amazon Sellers who in 2016 have already done over 3Billion in sales on the Amazon 3rd Party Marketplace.  In 2015 Seller Labs was named Atlanta’s Most Innovative Young Tech Start Up.