Data and Images: The Underbelly of eCommerce

Behind all the glitz and gloss of your website lurks a force that can make or break your business.  Everything about your online business depends on the quality of the data and images you provide.  Well structured data makes it easier and faster for your online customers to find what they want, and boosts conversion.  Poorly structured and incomplete data is a fast track to ruin.  All the effort and money invested into advertising and search optimisation is wasted if your data is not up to scratch.

Marketplaces are also heavily dependent on data.  The better quality data and images you supply, the better your performance in the marketplace.  Each marketplace and search engine has different requirements, so making sure you cater for them means you can operate across multiple channels with ease.  Do it once, and do it right the first time.

In this highly practical session, ZELLIS Online Retail Strategist Tim Davies will reveal…

  • How to create and store your data for success
  • Continuous review and improvement of your data
  • The value of optimising your product data for all sales channels
  • The difference between attributes and categories, and how to use both
  • How to leverage marketplace AI & algorithms with well structured data
  • Using data to deliver a good mobile experience

You can’t make sound decisions without good data …and neither can your customers.