Disrupt Or Be Disrupted – 5 Winning Strategies In An Era Of Digital Disruption

Speed and simplicity to innovate the customer experience will determine the winners in an era of digital disruption. Your talent, culture, and customer engagement platform determine your innovation potential. In this session, we will explore best practices from industry pacesetters who are innovating to go on the offensive and take market share.

We’ll see how modern, AI powered SaaS platforms are shifting time-spend to creating differentiating brand experiences, and away from managing technology. We’ll see how brands are creating stronger, more profitable customer relationships by making innovative fulfilment promises, and profitably keeping them. Finally, we’ll see how early adopters are using Artificial Intelligence to augment their team’s talent in driving profitable growth through innovative strategies like segment creation, intelligent sequencing, anomaly detection, content tagging, fulfilment optimization, cognitive search, and real-time personalization.