Elevate Your Brand (and Sales) Using Influencers and Ads on Tik ToK

Tik Tok is unique among social media platforms and it’s not just for teens anymore. Users are not multitasking but are 100% engaged when scrolling. And Tik Tok has programs to facilitate targeted commercial advertising and influencer connections for brands and advertisers.  Stop wasting time get to your customers where they are. 

Key Takeaways

  •  Connect with your TikTok community and expand it by using TikTok creator’s marketplace
  •  Learn the different ad types and which ones are best for you
  • Improve your ad performance by learning our best practices
  •  Increase your visibility by using Creators Marketplace
  •  TikTok Messaging 101 – How to build a brand from zero
  •  Learn from our best practices how to optimize your targeting and audience for the best
Lazar Zepinic