Email Marketing Masterclass

This marketing intensive is presented by Alita Harvey-Rodriguez, Founder of Milk It Academy & Leading Lecturer on Marketing Automation.

What you will learn: In true Milk it Academy Style – Alita will be sending out a survey to truly personalize the workshop content a week prior to the conference.

  • The future of email. Is it about to die or is the Mobile inbox about to change the game and up the ante? Discover and understand what has changed and how you can use email across multiple revenue channels to increase leads/sales and decrease your cost per sale across your entire marketing landscape.
  • Retail segmentation strategies We’ll reveal how to go beyond demographic profiling and how to Understand Buyer Behaviour to target your shoppers at the right time (Learn exactly how to Segment to increase 3 key metrics of email marketing)
  • Revenue Tricks – List Growth, Opens and Clicks – There are some new tricks up Email Marketers sleeves in 2017. Learn about the strategies that work and the ones that don’t. When to ask for an email and when no too. How to A/B Test like the Pro’s and how personalization is the future of successful email.
  • Automation & Customer Journey –We’ll spend this session planning your customer journey and use email to fill the gaps to keep your brand top of mind. Frequency, sequencing and Email User Experience (UX)
  • Hack Your Email! – Hack isn’t a dirty word! This is where we get our hands dirty and apply our new knowledge to transforming your Email Marketing success using design thinking principals and customer journey mapping.

WORKSHOP OUTCOMES Upon completion of this Retail email marketing masterclass participants should be able to:

  • Identify the different types of email marketing techniques that will work for your online business
  • Integrate email campaigns into other channels incl Social Media and search
  • Accelerate & Reinvent your email marketing strategy starting with quick wins

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Whether you’ve played with email marketing or are experienced in this channel, this workshop is designed specifically for retailers at all levels of email maturity. This is a hands on practical workshop, designed to help marketers and business owners re define their email marketing strategy, reduce the time spent marketing . All strategies apply to the success of onlines most profitable channel! If you sell anything online this workshop will open the doors to hidden profits laying in your customer and subscriber base. Spaces are strictly limited to this Workshop due to the personalised strategy development. If you’re a CEO, Marketing Manager or Business Owner, this workshop is a must attend.  This workshop has sold out every year at Retail Global! Get in quick!

About Milk it Academy:Milk it Academy are a Training and Consulting Firm based in Melbourne focused on Digital Marketing Innovation for the retail sector. We’re more than full-service consultants; we are trainers by nature. Unlike traditional consulting or agencies we don’t hold onto our IP, our goal is to work hands on with you and implement highly successful campaigns to teach your staff exactly how we do it and why. The value of what we do compounds over the years, not just from the campaign. We create the future proof companies with highly skilled marketing teams.