ePitch 1 Year on: Improving the Relationship with Your Customer through Augmented Reality

Today’s consumers have virtually limitless choices as they decide with whom to spend their hard-earned dollars. They are looking for shopping experiences that not only surprise and delight, but that result in a positive interaction. They are looking for brands and retailers they trust. Augmented reality (AR) can help consumers through visualisation, personalisation, providing a memorable experience, and instilling a higher level of trust and confidence in their purchase. Seek has helped improve the relationship between brand and consumer for many of the world’s top brands through their industry-leading augmented reality ecosystem.

This session will address:

  • How web-based AR has changed the game and made this impactful technology available to brands and retailers of any size
  • The benefits of AR to end consumers and how it will improve your relationship with them
  • Real-world examples of Seek’s technology implemented with facts and figures to demonstrate the impacts of a better customer experience