Expand Your Amazon Empire: Mastering the Art of Customer Conversion On and Off Amazon

This workshop is for Amazon sellers interested in increasing Amazon sales while also growing a band of brand loyal fans. Attendees will learn how to capture customer contact information and effectively deploy life-cycle marketing techniques to increase purchaser frequency and average order size. This course is replete with creative, actionable strategies you can implement right away to increase sales and profitability both on and off Amazon. A sample of some of the topics to be covered include:

Customer Conversion: How to win the click, cart, and your customer’s heart
Building and Leveraging Your List: Effective strategies to grow and maximize your customer list
eCommerce Essentials Kit: The tools, apps, and integrations successful ecommerce sellers cannot live without (This is Shopify heavy, but woocommerce, Big Commerce, and Magento sellers all have similar tools and integrations so the tips and techniques shared will have application for all).
Partnerships and Platforms: How to leverage influencers and complimentary brands to grow your business and customer list, plus special Instagram, Facebook and Google strategies you can use to gain organic and paid traffic to your website or Amazon product listings
Retail Ready: When and how to get your products into retail