Janelle Page

Janelle Page’s career in business and marketing began in elementary when she first started selling blow pops and candy bars to her fellow schoolmates. Her resume includes successful ventures in marketing, real estate, sports nutrition, supplements, events, consulting, teaching, and public speaking. Over the years, she has created and sold several companies, as well as helped hundreds of brands—both large and small—grow their business. Prior to becoming the Vice President of Marketing and eCommerce Strategy at Nutraceutical Corporation, Janelle was the founder and CEO of KickFire Marketing.
Janelle is an outdoor enthusiast who’s passionate about mountain biking, hiking, and practicing exceedingly difficult yoga poses. She enjoys spending time with her husband and nine children (four she birthed and 5 she acquired). Janelle loves learning, life, and most importantly, people. She is an eternal optimist who believes in abundance and sees the divine in everything. You can find Janelle on Facebook where she eagerly anticipates becoming your friend!
  • Company:Nutraceutical Corporation
  • Short Bio:Executive Vice President of Marketing and eCommerce Strategy
  • http://nutraceutical.com
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