Facebook Product Launch Workshop: A Complete Blueprint For Ecommerce

Facebook Product Launch Workshop: A Complete Blueprint for eCommerce Do you want to increase product ranking and visibility for your products on Amazon? Do you need to increase conversions and win the buy box? Would you like to build a customer list from your Amazon buyers to market to directly? That is exactly what this session is here to help you get a handle on! In this workshop you will master the foundation of Facebook viral launches for eCommerce products. Bottom line is customer acquisition is critical to your Amazon business success. Your business thrives when you sell more products and get higher sales rankings. While it seems hard, the real truth is that it’s super simple to set up and optimize a repeatable Amazon product launch.  You just need to understand how to set up a few easy processes and you will have a constant marketing funnel bringing you buyers on auto pilot. You’ll learn exactly how to build a product sales funnel from scratch. Get all the tips and tricks for creating an amazing sales tool using Facebook. Learn the secrets to marketing and list building that will bring you new customers day and night. Content covered in this workshop:

  • The step-by-step blueprint to drive Facebook traffic to your items.
  • How to eliminate #1 problem eCommerce sellers face when marketing any product.
  • How to figure out what your market REALLY wants so you can sell it to them.
  • The super-simple funnel formula that will get you a steady stream of solid sales.
  • All of the automation tools to make this all work while you sleep.