Grow A Solid Business On Ebay!

Grow A Solid Business On eBay! With around 70 million unique visitors a month in the US alone, eBay is one giant shopping mall.  Given Amazon’s dominance in USA many overlook the opportunities on eBay, but you definitely shouldn’t! With its low fees, unique support for your business brand, and instant results, opportunities don’t get much better! Selling online can be surprisingly more challenging than selling in a physical shop.  It pays to develop good habits early on.  Being found online is only half the battle.  Getting customers to buy is the real objective, so don’t leave it to chance, especially in such a highly competitive marketplace. After rave reviews in Australia, we’re excited to bring this popular and insightful eBay Masterclass to Las Vegas. Convened by Tim Davies, former Manager of eBay Seller Education, this Masterclass is a rare opportunity to peek under the eBay hood, and identify where your effort is best focused to boost sales.  You’ll be inspired and empowered by ‘Mr eBay’ Tim Davies as he shares ‘silver bullet’ strategies for winning on eBay, no matter how big or small your business. Here’s what you will learn:

  • How to get your products found on eBay
  • The secrets of successful eBay sellers
  • The importance of planning your customer experience
  • Clever pricing strategies that really work
  • Extending your reach beyond eBay search
  • How to avoid getting into trouble
  • Delivery strategies that bring customers back
  • Achieving real efficiency that will save you time and money
  • How the human touch can make a huge difference

And lots more!