Intelligent Automation for the Amazon Seller

Is your overhead swallowing your profit? Scaling your Amazon business isn’t only about selling more. Optimizing operations, identifying the right next action, freeing up bandwidth to work on the right problem, and ensuring your metrics don’t erode as you grow are the difference between growing revenue and growing profit. Smart automation is a great way to reduce overhead, monitor KPIs, and make sure you’re getting the most from your team.

Successful automation leads to a new way of understanding complex problems and removing decision fatigue to create a sustainable and scalable business. There’s a common belief that automation always requires technical expertise while in fact automation can be low tech and implemented immediately.

We’ll cover non-technical or low-tech ways you can create and apply automation to monitor and control your Amazon business, reducing the noise so you can focus on the highest and best use of your time without neglecting daily operations.

Target audience:  

This talk is for merchants that feel they are struggling with identifying the right next action in a sea of information, who feel their staff is under-utilized by being busy rather than productive, and who are not comfortable hiring a developer to create custom tools.

This talk is not for merchants that have already implemented extensive automation, have in-house dev teams, or have integrated multiple tools through custom software.