Seo 101 – A Guide To Free Online Growth For The Ecommerce Entrepreneur

The eCommerce community is rife with SEO inaccuracies, making it a complex clutter of misinformation. SEO has evolved to a point where many previously trusted “SEO strategies” can actually slash the amount of free traffic available to you.

Our guide will help you cut through the complexity and create a clear path to free online growth using tried and trusted techniques such as:

·         Why SEO can be the highest returning marketing channel for your eCommerce business
·         The 2 pillars on which great SEO is built
·         How to understand what Google wants and does not want you to do
·         Where to obtain your data, how to read it and what to do with it
·         The little known Free SEO tools you can use right now
·         How to gain an insight into what your competitors are doing

Jim Stewart