Loyalty Programs: Dead or Alive?

Loyalty programs are here, there and everywhere. Australian adults are members of between 4 and 5 programs each. Many retailers have programs and believe in their power to drive profitable and incremental revenue.

However, in 2020 and beyond, are programs a viable business growth asset or are they doomed to die?

With insights on the consumers’ view on loyalty programs from the latest 2020 Australian benchmark customer loyalty and loyalty program research study ‘For Love or MoneyTM’, this presentation will reveal why programs die and how to revive them into a vital and resilient incremental growth strategy for business.

This session will cover:
1. The Australian loyalty landscape – latest results from benchmark study ‘For Love or MoneyTM 20202
2. Why loyalty programs fail?
3. The three ingredients to save programs from death (and one that ensures a long life)
4. The six reasons why a thriving program is an asset to a business
5. Examples of Australian and international programs – the good, the bad and the brilliant