Make Instagram Work For You

What You Will Learn In This Session
1) How to be the brand you want to be in social media, especially in Instagram 
— Evolve your brand towards your visualisation
— Danger of ‘Me too’ accounts
2) How to apply Instagram hashtag strategies that actually work
— How many hashtags to use for per post
— How to select which hashtag to use / what to avoid
— Post case study
3) How to best use Instagram insights for cross-channel promotion
— Choosing effective images
— Peeking into what your audience really want to see
4) How to make your content creation fun and effective
— How I created over 3000 posts in 18 months
— Smart content rotation
5) How to leverage influencers to expand your audience reach
— Different ways of collaboration
— Surface value versus Virtue value
— How to maintain a good relationship with the influencers
(stories / case studies of how brands approached me)