Reviews: White, Gray Or Black – Will Your Reviews Strategy Get You In Trouble? (Pl, As)

Amazon’s Terms of Service are vague and Amazon sellers constantly debate their interpretation but what do we really know?  In this session we will explore Amazon’s TOS and tactics that are White (Good), Gray (questionable) and Black (bad).  Case studies will be provided to show sellers the proper way to launch products to gain visibility in Amazon search and stay compliant  In addition, insight will be given into what to avoid when creating a product promotion.  The Amazon algorithm is constantly changing and requires sellers to adapt their practices to remain compliant insight in this session will allow participants to be up-to-date on the current rules and practices.

In addition this session will explore and educate the audience on other rank factors for Amazon search including listing optimization, Questions and Answers, Helpful votes and more.  The key to a well optimized product launch is a complete conversion strategy.  Survey data will be provided to show the importance of particular factors for conversion as well as tips for how to create the highest possible conversion for product listings.