Seller Case Study: Leverage Branding and Nano-Influencer Compatibility to Win the Long Game

It all became very real when he received an email from the agent to the most winning Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps, asking him if there was a possibility Phelps could rep his brand on social media. The founder of Beau & Belle Littles will share how, by taking his company to pre-dominance with a brand-focused strategy, he was able to identify, attract and leverage social media nano, micro, and mega-influencers. This case study will address branding prequisites for using chatbots to cultivate a field of customers from “purchase interest” to a tribe of ambassadors and influencers on social media.

Key Takeaways
• Answers to and evidence of brand-focused decisions and mindset
• Checklist for brand self-audit to determine your influencer-readiness
• Get proven steps and criteria to identify nano-influencers bolster your branding
• Influencer tribe growth hacks, including chat(bot) marketing automation as a vehicle
• Examine multi-funnel strategy extend your brand reach

Paul Baron