Staying on Top of your eBay Game In 2020

Still ruling the roost as Australia’s largest marketplace, eBay is a world of constant change and evolution. With 40,000 business sellers, the marketplace is highly competitive, and crowded in some categories.

ZELLIS Online Retail Strategist, President of the Professional eBay Sellers Alliance (PeSA Australia) and former eBay Executive Tim Davies will share the very latest on eBay changes and initiatives that will impact your business. Find out about…

How eBay Plus is the key to growing sales on eBay.
How to use Promoted Listings for profit
Why specifics matter and how to get ahead of the game
How eBay search is evolving and what you can do to improve visibility
How your returns policy can unlock more sales
What eBay’s new checkout and payments system means for you
Plus the latest announcements and upcoming changes from eBay.

If you’re selling on eBay or plan to start this year, this is an unmissable 30 minutes. Lock it in.